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Architect Generalist

Brussels • Permanent, Freelance • 2019-06-19

Mission description


Some years ago, a security program was launched to enhance the security of the company ICT network. This resulted in several initiatives one of which was to upgrade the current legacy network to a new one segmented into several zones. The setup of this new network has been started and now the focus is on the effective migration of the applications to the newly created zone. This is materialized by the project “Network Zones Migration”.

Now, this migration has been started but appears to be more complex than planned because of the inter−dependency  existing  between  the  applications  to be  moved,  the  schedule  constraints  and limitations implied by the functional evolutions requested by the business and the limited availability of the specialized resources. To proceed further we need an architect that will work under the responsibility of the ‘Network Zones Migration’ project leader and in close collaboration with the architecture offices and the products’ teams to design a practical migration path and participate to its implementation.




The candidate will play an important coordinating role between the different software development & infrastructure teams and will be asked to:

  • Review existing architectural documentation of the as−is situation;

  • Think, design and propose migration scenarios together with all project’s stakeholders to minimize impact. Evaluate step−by−step possibilities;

  • Produce precise and exhaustive architectural documentation of the to−be situation in close collaboration with infrastructure, architecture and applicative teams;

  • Propose opportunistic architectural evolutions when relevant and meaningful;

  • Gather and challenge associated workload;

  • Actively support ICT products’ team leaders in the effective migration by playing a coordination roles with all other involved teams.

Communication skills

Expected communication skills are:
  • Ability to communicate concepts and recommendations to technical & non−technical audience with simple and appropriate language;

  • Ability to prepare and give the needed presentations to a variety of publics;

  • Ability to communicate with analysts, other architects and ICT products’ team leaders;

  • Ideally bilingual (FR/NL) but an active knowledge of one of the language and a passive knowledge of the other are ok;

  • A good knowledge of written English is necessary because all the documentation is written in English.

Soft skills


Expected soft skills are:

  • Team player

  • Patient

  • Open minded

  • Independent worker

  • Sensitive to ICT dept guidelines and procedures while remaining critical to propose improvements if relevant

  • Willing to support of the ICT products’ team leaders

  • Realistic

  • Able to show ownership & commitment

Technical skills

  • Good integration skills in heterogenous environments;

  • Good general knowledge of network, databases and servers technologies and associated architectural aspects;

  • The ability to design & read formal designs and specifications ( like 4+1 view, System Context, Business Process, …). The ability to also design and read operational/system infrastructure diagrams is a plus;

  • Capability to formalize using UML;

  • Fluency in the use of the following tools:

    • Documentation tools (Microsoft Office or equivalent)

    • Modeling tools (UML based tools). Practical knowledge of Enterprise Architect is a plus.

  • Development related tools (programming languages, integrated development environments, testing, build, …)

  • Platform related tools (database, middleware, application servers, deployment,…)

  • Capability to execute technical tasks in 1 or multiple listed technologies is a plus (see above)


The candidate should be able to prove ~5 years of experience in similar contexts (energy transport).


+32 (0)2 230 31 01

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