• Jeremy, Java developer - analyst, consultant

    I joined People & Technology in May 2019 as an IT consultant. It is the opportunity to work on different projects, at various customers and the enthusiastic team that attract me to P&T. I like the diversity of the work as well as the daily challenges in my mission. I work on the following project : a Java development project that has just started with the integration of technologies and concepts such as MQ Series (IBM), WLP, Spring Boot, OAuth2,... P&T is also full of motivating challenges for a career in IT. The welcome I received from the team was extraordinary and the whole team is always ready to help one of its members. In one sentence I feel like in my family. In addition, the challenges I encounter in my tasks with the client are challenging and in line with what I have been told.

  • Gaetan, Java Developer, consultant

    I’ve just been working at P&T since October 2018. I chose P&T for its young spirit and its dynamism. On a day-to-day basis, I develop applications based on customers’requests. I like meeting people with different kind of knowledges. It’s what makes my job interesting! P&T is a company that takes care of its employees and supervises them very well. P&T in one word is family.

  • CHRISTOPHE, Software engineer oriented Microsoft.NET, consultant

    I chose P&T because I’ve had a good feeling with the different people met. So, I’ve been working at P&T since October 2018. I’m in charge of backend and fronted development in the Microsoft.NET environment. My job is fun thanks to the permanent kindness at all levels of hierarchy and the balance between efficiency, my wellbeing and my salary. I work on my first project with P&T.

  • Mathieu, Angular & .NET Core Developer, consultant

    I’ve been working for almost one year at P&T. I was very interested by the job opportunity. As a developer, my role consists in developing web-oriented solutions for different customers. What I like the most in my job is working with a good team and the variety of different solutions. I am working on two different projects: The Westi project (Waste management for the Tihange nuclear power plant) and the BEA project (Management of portal sensors to control the entry and exit flows of a building). P&T is a dynamic and a family company. Attention is paid to the employees and there is a good follow-up. For me, P&T in one word is instructive.

  • Fabrice, Project Manager, consultant

    I am a Project Manager and I’ve worked at P&T since March 2017. P&T listened to my professional wishes and was able to find a mission that met my expectations. My role as Project Manager consists in managing the whole project cycle, in a transversal way. This means implementing a solution that answers to a business need, by managing all the impacts related to the project. This also includes managing business needs, required resources to carry out the project, planning, budget, tests, risks and problems, IT impacts, support, supplier contacts, etc. I find my job pleasant because it matches my expectations, there is a great atmosphere at the customer and I enjoy autonomy as well as flexibility in my schedule. Some interesting projects are GIS project including the design and the calculation of the Coaxial network and HFC Network Topology project. P&T is a convivial company that’s attentive to its employees. P&T wants its employees to feel well in their missions. For me, working at P&T is a tailor-made job.

  • DAVID, Product Owner, consultant

    I’ve been working at P&T since the First September 2018. I chose to work here for the support that was proposed. My job includes translating business needs in IT developments and prioritizing them. What makes my job pleasant is my colleagues and the interesting projects I’m working or I worked on. Including: knowledge management, reconciliation of collection flows and graphic facilitation. For me, P&T is a young and dynamic company where the team spirit reigns. P&T is about tailor-made solutions.

  • Laurent, DevOps Engineer, consultant

    I’m a DevOps engineer, it’s a clipped compound of “development” and “operations”. It’s a set of software development practices that combines software development (Dev) with information technology operations (Ops) to shorten the systems development life cycle while delivering features, fixes, and updates frequently in close alignment with business objectives. The positive aspects in my job are flexibility and freedom. The interesting projects I’m working or I worked on are CI/CD, Rancher, Kubernetes, Pupper/Katello. This is the people who make up P&T who are really my motivation’s factors.

  • Jérémie, .NET Web developer, consultant

    I’ve worked as a .NET Web developer at People & Technology since January 2017. I chose P&T to gain experience in a company at a corporate level. About my function, it’s mainly the creation of web applications (both back-end and front-end) in .NET. The possibility to choose the technology and the mission that correspond to our desires makes my job enjoyable. I created my first professional web application within Dun & Bradstreet Belgium. Now I create my first API for Altares France. For me, P&T is a family yet professional company. I appreciate the human side, the fact that it’s a small company with a good atmosphere and a young team. Nothing sums up P&T better than “People and Technology!

  • Jean-Pol Sauvegarde, Chief Operations Officer - Dexia Commercial Finance

    Always there in hard times with a solution and especially with quality Consultants... that sums up the experience with People & Technology.

  • Eric Goris, IT Manager Application Services - Bpost

    As one of the oldest and first customers of People & Technology, I've learned to appreciate the hands-on and no-nonse approach resulting in a very consisted delivery of expert knowledge in different area's. I've also seen how they evolved from a small company to an efficient and sizable player in the Belgium IT-market, yet without losing the entrepreneurial and customer-oriented spirit which is essential to evolve adequate in a continuously changing market.


    P&T is a successful organization based on the right person on the right place. They search the correct profile and the correct mind-set for your organization. They know their market and support you with the adequate profiles.