• Jean-Pol Sauvegarde, Chief Operations Officer, Dexia Commercial Finance.

    Always there in hard times with a solution and especially with quality Consultants... that sums up the experience with People & Technology.

  • Eric Goris, IT Manager Application Services - Bpost.

    As one of the oldest and first customers of People & Technology, I've learned to appreciate the hands-on and no-nonse approach resulting in a very consisted delivery of expert knowledge in different area's. I've also seen how they evolved from a small company to an efficient and sizable player in the Belgium IT-market, yet without losing the entrepreneurial and customer-oriented spirit which is essential to evolve adequate in a continuously changing market.

  • Ella Verbeek, Line Manager Supervision Operational Services - SMALS.

    P&T is a successful organization based on the right person on the right place. They search the correct profile and the correct mind-set for your organization. They know their market and support you with the adequate profiles.